What is the Best Sword in Elden Ring?

Even in games like Elden Ring, picking the best sword can be a bit of a challenge because it all depends on your character build and playstyle preferences. If you’re trying to pick the best sword, you’ll have a hard time because there are at least nine different swords in the game, and ten if you include daggers.

We can’t give you an empirical list, but we can recommend some powerful swords from a few major categories that are worth pursuing and testing. To put it simply, what’s the best sword in Elden Ring?

What is the Best Sword in Elden Ring?

Here are all types of swords you can find in Elden Ring and the best swords among all of them. Keep reading to know everything about each of them.

Best Straight Sword in Elden Ring

To begin, we’ll use the basic Straight Swords, which are well-balanced, strong, and easy to hold in one hand. The Sword of Night and Flame is our top choice for straight swords.

  • Damage Types: Phys 87, Magic 56, Fire 56, Critical 100
  • Scalings: STR E, DEX E, INT D, FAI D
  • Requirements: STR 12, DEX 12, INT 24, FAI 24

As your magical strength increases, so does the Sword of Night and Flame’s ability to deal three different types of damage at once. That’s impressive, but the Night-and-Flame Stance is what really sets it apart.

It’s possible to unleash a light version of the laser-like Comet Azur Sorcery with the Night-and-Flame Stance button, or a large, flaming area swing with a heavy attack, by holding the button. Despite the 1.03 patch’s nerfs, these abilities are still very effective against low-level thugs, especially if you’ve put some effort into improving your INT and FAI.

Best Greatsword in Elden Ring

The next type of sword is the Greatsword, which is more powerful but also more cumbersome, and is best used with two hands. The Blasphemous Blade, the personal sword of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, is our top pick for Greatswords.

  • Damage Types: Phys 121, Fire 78, Critical 100
  • Scalings: STR D, DEX D, FAI D
  • Requirements: STR 22, DEX 15, FAI 21

The Blasphemous Blade is a monster, both in terms of its powerful stats and useful special ability, and in terms of the creepy grabby hands that dangle from the blade. When you use the Blasphemous Blade on an enemy, you’ll gain health.

Taker’s Flame, its unique ability, sends a blazing stream of fire straight ahead of you, and that’s just the beginning. If the flame hits an enemy, their health is depleted and they are sent to your side. Against some of the tougher bosses, this sword’s potent combination of high damage and long-term use is unbeatable.

Best Katana in Elden Ring

Three: Katanas, of course! Although deceptively heavy, katanas can be wielded effectively with either one or two hands. Unless they specifically use something else, most Katanas also have the ability to inflict Bleed damage as an added bonus feature. Our favorite Katana is Moonveil, a glowing, mystical blade.

  • Damage Types: Phys 73, Magic 87, Critical 100
  • Scalings: STR E, DEX D, INT C
  • Requirements: STR 12, DEX 18, INT 23

Moonveil is an early-game secret weapon for many players, but you’re more than entitled to keep it around as a permanent sidearm if you prefer. Transient Moonlight was the secret ingredient in Moonveil’s recipe for success.

Sheathe the blade in the scabbard, then slash horizontally with a light attack and vertically with a heavy attack to unleash a wave of magical power in front of you. While this ability is decently powerful, its real value comes from the damage it inflicts on a character’s poise.

Most enemies and even bosses can be stunned by one or two lashes of Transient Moonlight, allowing you to follow up with a critical hit. Near-guaranteed crits are the best way to deal with mobs.

Best Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

As a final point, let’s talk about Colossal Swords. As the name suggests, these weapons are massive in terms of size, weight, and potential damage.

A lot of these require high stats, which means they’re out of the question for early-game use, but once you’re big enough to hold one of them, watch out. Godslayer Great Sword is our pick for colossal weapons.

  • Damage Types: Phys 119, Fire 77, Critical 100
  • Scalings: STR D, DEX D, FAI D
  • Requirements: STR 20, DEX 22, FAI 20

This isn’t the strongest flat damage weapon in the game, but its low stat requirements make it one of the most accessible Colossal Swords, and the addition of fire damage more than makes up for the weaker flat damage it would otherwise deal.

Its special ability, The Queen’s Black Flame, can level the playing field even further if you’re crafty enough. If you use the follow-up attack on an enemy who was hit by the initial swing, the Black Flames will engulf them, dealing additional damage and reducing their health over time.

Well, these are the best swords in Elden Ring. We hope you enjoyed this guide and it helped you. If you liked this make sure to check out our guide Rainbow Six: Extraction Sludge Guide.

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