Top 5 Best Fighting Type Pokémon

Even though having Fighting Pokémon in a series where fighting is a major part of the gameplay is redundant, you can’t deny that they are incredibly fun to use and provide excellent coverage against a wide range of threats in the process. It is as a result of this that their use in the mainline game’s competitive scene has become a staple, and their latest additions include some heavy hitters like Urshifu who are sure to shake up the meta. Their inclusion in our list of best Water types would have been even more likely if it weren’t for Urshifu’s legendary status. In this article, we will look at the Top 5 Best Fighting-Type Pokémon from throughout the series.

Unfortunately, our list of the best Fighting-Type Pokémon will not include any Legendary or Mythical Pokémon. Instead, we will look at their stats, abilities, and moveset highlights to determine who is the ultimate fighter in the game. Let’s take a look at this list, which includes all of the generations as well as the mechanics that they introduced.

Top 5 Best Fighting Type Pokémon

1. Lucario

Lucario is a Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation 4, and has since been remade in the games Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. He is a true fan-favorite Pokémon. For those who have not yet obtained theirs in Sword and Shield, we’ve put together a guide to help you get them.

While they may not be in as good a position as they once were, their base Attack and Special Attack are still very good, and when combined with abilities such as Inner Focus (which cannot be flinched! ), they can withstand even a Fake Out and continue to deal damage. However, it was during the period when Mega Lucario was still available that Lucario truly shone.

As a result, their base attack and special attack increased by a significant amount to 145 and 140 respectively. They also gained Adaptability, which means their STAB bonus is now even greater, and they were able to unleash their full destructive potential, thanks to their Fighting Steel-type, which protected them from Fairy moves.

Then there are some fantastic attacks, such as Bullet Punch, which allows you to strike faster than most opponents by design, and Meteor Mash, which hits extremely hard. If you manage to pull off a Swords Dance, would you recommend increasing Attack by two stages first? Forget about it; there was nothing left of your competitor’s organization.

2. Pheromosa

This Pokémon is ridiculously fast, with a blistering Base 151 Speed that places it in fourth place on the list of the all-time fastest Pokémon ever created. As a Fighting-type character, Pheromosa has equally devastating (physical) and Special Attack stats. However, as befits a Fighting-type, it is their physical output that wins the day.

Moves such as Close Combat, Triple Axel, and U-Turn allow them to be a true glass cannon among fighters, making up for their extremely low bulk. Pheromosa also has Beast Boost, which means that if you can keep them protected for a long enough period of time and read your opponent well, you could be looking at a major potential sweeper on your hands.

3. Buzzwole

Surprisingly, this Pokémon appears in far fewer memes than it should, despite its popularity. As a result of Buzzwole’s outlandish design, the internet was intrigued and even alarmed when the anime had them feed on and deflate a Snorlax, which was shown in the anime.

However, in the mainline Pokémon games, this one is a beast, and more specifically, an Ultra Beast. To explain, this is considered to be outside of the Legendary and Mythical ranks, despite the fact that it should be considered to be there.

When you combine the Bug Fighting-type with appropriately large physical Defensive bulk and Attack stats (as seen in Blaziken above) and Beast Boost, an ability that increases Attack by one stage (as seen in Blaziken above), you have a bug that will not be squashed. Combining Leech Life for Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) with other powerful moves, you’ve created a juggernaut.

4. Blaziken

Speed is extremely important in Pokémon, as we previously stated. Although their Base Speed doesn’t reflect this, Blaziken’s hidden ability Speed Boost allows them to soar to new heights despite their low base speed.

Once this beast has been defeated, Blaziken accelerates your opponent by one stage, giving them a multiplier of the half. There are six stages in total that you can reach with Blaziken!

This and their incredible Base Attack turns Blaziken into a sweeper nobody can keep up with, and combine that with their solid move pool and Fighting Fire-typing that protects against Fairy attacks. Put on a Life Orb for extra damage, or, if you’re playing in previous generations, take advantage of the insane base 160(!)

Attack with Speed Boost still applied to your character! In addition to being a fan favorite, this is a Pokémon that completely destroys the competition.

5. Mienshao

Originally introduced in Generation 5, Mienshao is a Fighting-Type Pokémon who demonstrates the importance of speed and attack when it comes to fighting-type Pokémon, or any Pokémon who chooses to go on the offensive – to strike first, and strike hard.

Johnny Lawrence would be pleased with this. This Pokémon possesses some extremely impressive Base Attack stats as well as a respectable Base Speed; however, it is the combination of their Regenerator ability and their moves that makes them stand out.  When you’re up against more than one Pokémon, especially in Singles, having a regenerator is essential.

In a strategic retreat, Mienshao uses Knock Off and Close Combat to disarm and crush the opposition, assisted in this by a Life Orb, which increases their damage in exchange for health, and then uses U-Turn to deal additional damage and switch out as a last ditch effort. When this happens, you get hit and run Pokémon that could have been a good fit for the Pokken Tournament roster but was ultimately left off.

Well, these are the top 5 best fighting type Pokémon in all series of Pokémon Games. We hope this guide helped you. You would like to know the Top 5 Best Water Type Pokémon.

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