The best way to farm Champions in Destiny 2

Champions are some of the more difficult enemies you can fight against in Destiny 2. There are three types of Champions you can face off against: Barrier, Unstoppable, and Overload. Each of them requires a unique weapon mod on your Guardian to take them out, which means having your loadout prepared to take them on. Every so often, a quest or a challenge requires you to take out multiple Champions. This guide covers the best way to farm Champions in Destiny 2.

How to quickly find and defeat Champions in Destiny 2

A Champion is normally associated with more difficult content and activities in Destiny 2. You typically have a warning before battling against them, so you should have a good idea you’re about to face off against them. One of the most notable locations for you to find Champions is through the Weekly Nightfall, on Hero, Legend, or Master difficulty. Hero difficulty is the easiest, with Master being the most difficult. These are similar to the Vanguard Strikes but feature a specific playlist for that week.

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If you’d rather not try to track down Champions with a group of allies, the next best way to find them is by seeking out the daily Legend or Master Lost Sector. Every day, the Lost Sectors switch out, and there’s a featured one you can find in the game to take on a more difficult, solo challenge. It is locked at Legend or Master, so you will want to make sure you meet the Light Level for these encounters before embarking on them.

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The third best way to find Champions is through the more difficult seasonal content. For example, during the Season of Plunder, there were Ketchcrash and Expedition activities for players to complete to earn seasonal gear and weapons. Those who wanted a more difficult challenge and a weekly Pinnacle engram drop could complete the Master Ketchcrash activity, which featured no matchmaking, and requires a fireteam of six Guardians to complete a more difficult version of the Ketchcrash activity. There were Champions throughout these encounters.

Those are some of the best ways to find Champions in Destiny 2. The seasonal content would change based on what season you were playing, but the Nightfalls and Legend and Master Lost Sectors will always have Champions at the ready for you to fight.

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