The 10 rarest Amiibo, and how much they’re worth

Like all collectibles, Amiibos can become a costly hobby. Certain Amiibos are resold at a much higher price when the demand is high, and the supply is low. The second-hand market for Amiibos is so high that many Nintendo fans and collectors have to purchase Amiibos as soon as they are available for the direct market. While some Amiibos can be costly at retail price, no matter how much they cost, they will never be as expensive when resold at second-hand outlets like eBay. This article will count down the most expensive and rarest Amiibos you can find on eBay.


How much do the rarest Amiibos cost?

An Amiibo usually sells at around $15.99. Some Amiibos come bundled together and can cost $30 to $40 at retail. However, Amiibos sell out fast as Nintendo keeps supplies low. When Amiibos first launched, they would sell out right away. Speaking from experience, I spent $30 on a Lucina Amiibo back in the day. Not all Amiibos are as hard to come by as they used to, but there are still some Amiibos worth several hundred dollars.

Below we list out the most expensive Amiibos we came across on eBay.

Octoling 3-pack

Image via Nintendo

This three-pack comes with a male and female Amiibo of an Octoling, plus an Amiibo of their Squid form. When it was released in retail, it was already an expensive set because it came with three figures. However, it isn’t as hard to find as other Amiibos, meaning it isn’t as expensive as the rarest Amiibos, available in the price range of $75-$150

Toon Link and Zelda Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

The toon aesthetic from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a fan-favorite style. Fans love how colorful and stylistic Link and the other characters look in the title. Wind Waker Link and Zelda weren’t the only classic Zelda Amiibos released by Nintendo; there were also Amiibos based on Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Skyward Sword. However, the Toon Link and Zelda Amiibo pack is the most expensive, available in the price range of $125-$150.

Gold Megaman Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo released gold-painted Amiibos of Mario and Megaman. The gold Amiibos are more like trophies than figurines and are more premium than other Amiibos. The gold Megaman Amiibo is the most expensive of the two gold figures, available in the price range of $90-$200.

Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

The Yarn Amiibos sold alongside Yoshi’s Woolly World were a cute and cool gimmick for the Amiibos. Nintendo has yet to do something with Yarn Amiibos again, making Yarn Yoshi the only yarn Amiibos on the market. The big Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo is now the most expensive on the second-hand market due to its size and retail price, available in the price range of $125-$200.

Samus Aran & Metroid 2-Pack

Image via Nintendo

The texture of the Metroid Amiibo released as part of the Samus Returns 2-Pack is soft and squishy. It’s one of the coolest Amiibos Nintendo ever released and has since gone out of print, making it a valuable collector’s item, available in the price range of $100-$200.

Corrin Player 2 Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

The female Corrin Amiibo, AKA Corrin Player 2 Amiibo, is more expensive than the male Corrin. Female Corrin was released as an Amazon exclusive, making it rarer than its male counterpart. Female Corrin is also a popular design, making her more desirable than other Amiibos, available in the price range of $150-$200.

Mii Fighter 3-Pack Amiibo

Image via Nintendo

Amiibo packages with more than one Amiibo sell more at release because it comes with multiple figurines. Mii Fighter 3-Pack Amiibo was already an expensive Amiibo set for people to buy, but now that it has been out of print, its worth has multiplied. This Amiibo set is available in the price range of $90-$250.

Super Mario Odyssey Triple Wedding set

Image via Nintendo

The wedding clothes that Mario, Peach, and Bowser wear in Mario Odyssey are fan-favorite designs. It was a no-brainer for Nintendo to make Amiibos on those characters in those clothes. The Mario and Peach Amiibos are especially perfect as wedding cake toppings. While you can still get the individual Amiibos at a high price, if you want the bundle, it will cost a pretty penny — in the price range of $150-$300.

Navirou Amiibo

Image via Nintendo/Amazon

Though the Americas and Europe received some Monster Hunter Amiibos, those countries were not fortunate enough to earn the Navirou Amiibo. This Amiibo based on the cat friend from Monster Hunter Stories was never released outside Japan, making it worth a lot in the West. It is available in the price range of $110-$350+.

Qbby Amiibo

Image via Nintendo/Amazon

BoxBoy is a small franchise within Nintendo; the series is a set of puzzle games starring a small cube named Qbby. A Qbby Amiibo was released alongside Bye-Bye BoxBoy on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017, but only in Japan. Because of the scarcity and obscurity of the BoxBoy franchise, the Qbby Amiibo is one of the hardest and most expensive Amiibos fans can find — available in the price range of $250-$400.

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