Splatoon 3 Main Weapon tier list – the best weapons in Splatoon 3

How you cover the ground in your team’s color ink in Splatoon 3 is primarily based on the weapon you decide to use. Each weapon behaves and performs differently, so finding the one that suits your style is the best situation for you. Since all weapons act differently, making a tier list can be challenging to adhere to everyone. That being said, we have our favorites over others. Here are the best weapons in Splatoon 3.

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Splatoon 3 main weapon tier list

S tier

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  • .52 Gal
    • The .52 Gal has significant damage, range, and even a good fire rate, contrary to what the game stats say. It’s a lethal weapon that firmly demands its placement in the S tier.
  • Dualie Squelchers
    • The Dualie Squelchers show they have low damage but have a significant range and fire rate for dual weapons. They have high splatting potential in about anyone’s hands.
  • N-Zap ‘85
    • The N-Zap ’85 is an obvious reference to the zapper gun from the NES, but it is also a handy weapon in Splatoon 3. It has a very high fire rate, making it one of the best options in the game for splatting enemies.
  • Sloshing Machine
    • The Sloshing Machine is a bucket of ink that deals heavy damage when you lay it on an enemy. It has a bit of a slower fire rate, but nothing too alarming that it brings it down too much.
  • Splattershot Pro
    • The Splattershot Pro is the single-shot version of the Dualie Squelchers. It has great range, fire rate, and damage, making it an ideal battle weapon in any situation.

A tier

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  • Dapple Dualies
    • Like the other dual weapons, the Dapple Dualies are pretty good choices, but they have a larger spread and less damage output than the others.
  • Dynamo Roller
    • The Dynamo Roller, like the Splat Roller, has very high damage and coverage potential, but the problem is it is slower in every area.
  • Splat Dualies
    • The Splat Dualies have a good rate of fire and, as you would expect, two sources of fire. It’s pretty good at most things and will get the job done no matter the mode you’re playing.
  • Splat Roller
    • The Splat Roller is a rolling pin that covers the ground directly in front of you as you run along. Any enemies that get too close will instantly be splatted, making it lethal at close range, but you will need to be careful when there is any distance between you.

B tier

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  • Inkbrush
    • The Inkbrush has low range and damage, but it is one of the fastest weapons in the game. You can speed across the area while painting the ground below you, although it will not cover much area.
  • Jet Squelcher
    • The Jet Squelcher has great damage potential but can be hard to hit your shots. It’s not terrible, but you could miss your shot when most needed.
  • Mini Splatling
    • The Mini Splatling has a better charge-up time than the other weapons in its class. Otherwise, it largely is the same.
  • Octobrush
    • The Octobrush is fast to paint the ground with and has a large spread to cover a good area in front of you. When placed on the ground, it deals significantly less damage than the Splat Roller, so we recommend relying on swinging the brush around in battle.
  • Tenta Brella
    • The Tenta Brella has decent power and can protect you from incoming damage. However, its range will keep you wanting, but when you shoot it off forward, it can cover a lot of range after a long charge and give you moving cover.
  • Splattershot
    • The Splattershot is about as default of a weapon in Splatoon 3 as there is. It is pretty decent in about every area of the game. It’s good in all of those areas but doesn’t exceed anywhere, either.

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