Ready or Not: How to Use Flashlight

Here, in VOID Interactive’s new tactical-first-person shooter Ready or Not, we’ll show you how to equip and use a flashlight to prepare for any situation.

Ready or Not, a new tactical first-person shooter from VOID Interactive, is now available in Early Access, giving players all over the world the chance to jump into the shoes of a SWAT police officer as they work to defuse hostile and life-threatening situations, all while paying close attention to detail.

Players can use an arsenal of up to 60 different items to tackle a variety of scenarios in the game, all of which can be assigned to different keys after being equipped.

How to Use Flashlight in Ready or Not?

As previously stated, Ready of Not allows players to customize their weapons with a variety of enhancements, including a flashlight. After that, go to the work table and add the flashlight to your gun’s weapon attachments.

“Under-barrel Attachments” is where you’ll find the flashlight. Once you have the flashlight on your weapon, you can use it with a variety of keys.

The attachment’s default mapping may vary depending on your setup, but it’s usually TBM 2, the second side key on most mice.

It’s worth noting that many members of the game’s community advise newcomers to change their default attachment key to a keyboard key.

You can change the keys assigned to each attachment at any time, so we recommend that you try them out and see which one works best for you.

As for your knowledge, you can play the Early Access version of Ready of Not on PC via Steam right now. Well, that’s all we have here about how you can equip and use a flashlight in Ready or Not. We hope this guide helped you. Don’t forget to check out How to Change Weapon Attachments in Ready or Not.

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