NBA 2K23: How to get traded in MyCareer

In some cases, professional athletes can use a change of scenery, which can also be the case in video games like NBA 2K23. In NBA 2K23’s MyCareer, users will have the option to ask for a trade. However, doing so will require some time, work, and grinding. So, what exactly needs to be done to get traded in NBA 2K23 MyCareer? Let’s take a look.


How trading works in MyCareer in NBA 2K23

As one might have noticed, the NBA 2K23 MyCareer story arc is cinematic, full of cutscenes that include dialogue that can influence the path that your superstar takes in the game. While that is the case with some quests, it really isn’t for trying to get traded. Instead, you will need to play games in MyCareer first to unlock the arc that unlocks trade influence.

In this arc, players, upon playing games and eventually becoming a starter, will be thrust into the ‘Palace Intrigue’ quest. In this quest, your agent, the team’s head of marketing, and head of basketball operations are struggling over you, and your player will be thrown onto the trading block.

The goal is to follow the prompts and complete this quest in full. It will require playing games and accumulating stats. Once that is done, you will then receive the ability to influence trades.

To request a trade, go into the Pause Menu and head into the ‘MyCareer’ section. You should be able to find a request trade option and select a desired team.

Note: These directions are for the current-generation version of NBA 2K23.

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