Is Super People Coming to Consoles?

The Super People beta period recently ended, and almost every console player is wondering whether or not the game will be released on consoles. It is the latest entry in the Battle Royale genre, developed by Wonder People, and shares some map design similarities with PUBG’s Erangel map.

There are several characters in the game, each with their own unique abilities and advantages that can aid you in surviving and defeating your opponents.

While PC gamers have had access to the game through beta testing, console gamers are left wondering if and when Wonder People will release the game on consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox.

Is Super People Coming to PlayStation?

Currently, Wonder People has made no indications or statements regarding Super People’s release on PlayStation consoles.

The game’s beta period has just ended, and the developers must be busy addressing all of the issues, tweaking some mechanics, and responding to player feedback. Another major item on Wonder People’s agenda is the launch of Super People.

With all of this and other concerns on their minds, it’s understandable that the developers aren’t rushing to make any decisions or promises about the game’s console release.

Is Super People Coming to Xbox?

Super People will not be coming to Xbox as of the time of writing. As of right now, you cannot play the game on any Xbox console for the reasons stated above, as well as a slew of other internal reasons.

All is not lost, however, as the developers may make a surprise announcement in the future. Similar to Valorant, it’s possible that the game won’t be released on consoles at all.

The free-to-play shooter has been available on PC for quite some time, and it appears that Riot intends to keep it that way.

This is bad news for fans and players who were hoping to play it on consoles. With that said, these are just rumors, and the developers can choose to expand the game’s scope at any time.

Is Super People Coming to Nintendo?

Super People is currently unavailable on Nintendo Switch. Despite the fact that the Switch is an older handheld console, thanks to excellent game optimization by the developers, it can still handle demanding games without breaking a sweat.

As a result, Nintendo fans should hold out hope and keep an eye out for any official statements from Wonder People.

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