Is Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cross Platform/Crossplay?

While Dying Light can be played alone, the success of the original can be attributed in part to the co-op mode. When it comes to the sequel, fans may be curious about the multiplayer situation. Is Techland’s follow-up Dying Light 2 joining the crossplay train in today’s landscape?

Is Dying Light 2 Stay Human Cross-Platform/Crossplay?

No, that is not the case. On day one, Dying Light 2 will not support console crossplay. This applies to the entire ecosystem of each platform.

Owners of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, for example, are unable to play together, and the same rule applies to Xbox consoles. There is crossplay between Steam and the Epic Games Store on the PC.

This decision is certain to enrage console gamers. Even if full crossplay isn’t available, developers usually provide cross-generation gameplay. Techland hasn’t said whether or not the feature will be added in the future, but it’s a possibility.

The studio has stated that Dying Light 2 will be supported for at least five years, which is similar to the original’s post-launch support. There’s no telling what could be added to Dying Light in the future, given the breadth of content added over the years.

This includes new weapons, a new map, and game modes like the dungeon crawler-like Hellraid. For the time being, don’t expect crossplay in Dying Light 2.

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