How to Upgrade Your Gear in Deep Rock Galactic

You arrive in Deep Rock Galactic with very little information about yourself. You have two weapons and a pickaxe to plunder the various caves in each mission and defend yourself from swarms with. This is difficult even on the easiest settings.

However, shortly after completing your second mission, you can begin upgrading your equipment to help you take on each subsequent mission with more technology and firepower. This guide will show you how to improve and upgrade your gear so you can get back to gathering materials.

How to Upgrade Your Gear in Deep Rock Galactic?

In Deep Rock Galactic, you can do a lot of things through terminals in the hub ship space you visit between missions. You can, for example, purchase drinks while promoting your characters. If you want to upgrade your equipment, however, you must go to the equipment terminal near the pod bays.

You can scroll through every class and upgrade all of their equipment using this terminal. Each weapon has five slots for perks to make it more lethal against swarms, and your pickaxe has two slots for perks to make mining a little easier or more efficient.

You can also upgrade the other items that each class brings with them, such as the Gunner’s shield generator and zipline launcher. Finally, this is where you can improve the armor worn by your class.

Some perk slots are locked behind levels, so you’ll have to complete more missions and advance in your classes to gain access to them.

Even then, you’ll have to pay a set amount of materials for each perk, which are all unique. This is why, before embarking on a mission, you must gather as many resources as possible. Take on a solo mission to get a larger share of the loot if you desperately need more resources for upgrades.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can upgrade your gear in Deep Rock Galactic. We hope this guide helped you. If you have any further doubts or queries, do contact us using the comments section.

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