How to Get the Party Boat Ship Cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

The party boat ship set is only for pirates who have mastered the content of Sea of Thieves Season Five, and it reflects magnificently on the ship and its crew. You’ve come to the right place if you want to be one of those pirates. The Party Boat ship set is covered in this guide.

Season 5 commendations result in individual pieces of the Party Boat ship set being awarded. Some are quick and easy to do, while others require a significant amount of time. Prepare to sail with purpose and concentration on these objectives. Let’s get started!

Hull and Sails – Night-Time Spectacular

“Set off a display of five or more fireworks at night,” reads the text of this commendation. That means five fireworks must be visible in the night sky at the same time. Fireworks can usually be found in barrels at outposts or purchased from the Merchant at the docks.

Wait until nightfall, then fire them as quickly as you can into the sky. On larger ships with multiple hands, this is simple, but if you’re alone on a sloop, use longer-lasting fireworks like signal flares.

You can also launch a galleon on your own, load all of the cannons, and run around lighting fuses.

Capstan – Master Cartographer

“Donate Treasure Stash maps to a Quest Board” to earn the Master Cartographer commendation. 25 is the magic number once more. Your mission is to create and post 25 total treasure maps to the Outposts and Seaposts’ Quest Boards.

The number of maps you bury is more important than the amount of treasure you bury.

Wheel – Seeker of Pirate Plunder

“Uncover valuable treasures buried by other pirate crews,” says the Seeker of Pirate Plunder commendation. You must specifically unearth 25 pieces of user-buried treasure.

You can obtain treasure maps from the quest board, steal bundles from other ships, or simply find loot buried by other crews by chance. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you or someone in your crew finds a total of 25 pieces.

Cannons – Small but Mighty 

“Shoot another ship using a Cannon Rowboat,” you must do this time. Rowboats spawn at random on islands and forts all over the Sea, so you’ll have to hunt for one with a cannon. From the rowboat, you must land 25 hits on an enemy ship, human, or skeleton.

Figurehead – Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot

“Start a fire on another crew’s ship by setting off a firework,” you must do to earn the figurehead. Although this seems like a simple goal, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Setting fire to any enemy ship will earn you this commendation. This includes skeleton ships, so don’t feel obligated to engage in a PVP battle if you don’t want to.

Because fireworks aren’t always guaranteed to start a fire, bring extras and unload them until you see flames.

Flag – Skies of Friendship

“Set off fireworks while in an Alliance” is required to earn the flag. This one should go without saying. Form an alliance with any other human vessel, then let loose with a fireworks display. They can’t all be 25-step procedures, right?

Okay, that’s fine. We hope this guide helped you. Season 5 is complete, Paaarrrrty Pirates. So, where do we go from here? You could always go to Kraken Hunting or look for enigmatic murals.

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