How to Get Berkanan Sap in Final Fantasy XIV

Berkanan Sap is one among the many new crafting ingredients introduced with the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion. Crafters looking to seed their endgame static or Free Company will have to get used to the process of obtaining this material, which is used in a number of Alchemy recipes such as Grade 5 Tinctures and the Ascorbic Additive and Rarefield Draught Collectibles.

Final Fantasy XIV’s resources and items are dispersed throughout the various regions you explore as you progress through the game. The more places you visit and explore, the more resources you’ll have for your crafting careers.

How to Get Berkanan Sap in Final Fantasy XIV?

Berkanan Sap is named after the same-named enemy Berkanan, who was discovered in the fields of Labyrinthos after arriving in Old Sharlayan.

Berkanans can be found closest to the Aporia Aetheryte at the coordinates (X:6.8,Y:21.0). The drop isn’t guaranteed, but it’s a good way to get some.

Berkanan Sap can also be obtained from the Gemstone Traders in Labyrinthos, Radz-at-Han, and Old Sharlayan by trading Bicolor Gemstones. One Bernanan Sap costs two Bicolor Gemstones. Grind on FATEs in the Shadowbringers and Endwalker areas to get them.

Berkanan Sap can be obtained through Levequests in Old Sharlayan as a last resort. Take on the quests “Technically Still Magic” and “Mindful” with Ahldiyrn (X:12.3, Y:13.4). Berkanan Sap will be awarded if you complete these tasks. This method is by far the least efficient, and it is not recommended if you need to farm Berkanan Sap.

If all else fails and you have plenty of cash, you can purchase Berkanan Sap from the Market Board. Due to its use in Grade 5 Tinctures, which endgame raiders drink like water, the sap will most likely be expensive for some time.

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