How to find and complete the Help Fufu quest in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has many quests spread throughout the world for players to discover. There are a few hidden quests that you need to find by going the extra mile. One such quest is the Help Fuu. It’s a hidden quest; you need a difficult ingredient and a recipe to complete it. Here is how to find and complete the Help Fuu quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find and start the Help Fuu quest in Tower of Fantasy

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You can only find this quest inside the Ruin D-01 dungeon, meaning it’s not in the open world of Tower of Fantasy. To find this quest, you will need to first head to the Spacerift: The Lab in the middle of Crown Mines. You can easily lead to the Ruin D-01 and start your hunt. When you enter the dungeon, you will find a boy sleeping on a plant; that boy is Fuu, talk to him and begin the quest.

How to complete the Help Fuu quest in Tower of Fantasy

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You will get your first objective to gather three darkscale ghost spores. You will need to get to the top area by climbing and going straight to find those. At the top, you will find a massive tree in a corner surrounded by enemies; defeat those enemies and collect the three darkscale ghost spores. Now return to Fuu, and give him the ingredients.

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This time Fuu will ask you to get his lost recipe. Getting it is challenging since you need to climb a tricky place. In the area, look for some mushroom-looking trees from where you enter this stage of the dungeon. Once you find them, simply start climbing them but be careful. After reaching the recipe, collect it, and it will complete the quest. After that, you can exit the dungeon or complete it, but that will not affect your quest in any way.

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