How to Dig Up Buried Items in No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. You could, for example, find a settlement and take over as mayor, build your own base and invite other players to visit, or take on one of the arduous Expeditions that require you to complete a series of objectives.

This guide will show you how to dig up buried items in the game for those who need to do so as part of an Expedition or simply want to find some treasure.

How to Dig Up Buried Items in No Man’s Sky?

You can use your scanner to find buried items on any planet. You’ll notice some icons with three lines and some that are yellow while scanning and looking around.

These are usually buried items that can be unearthed. They should appear as buried technology modules or burial sites when you scan them with your scanner.

You can use your scanner to mark these locations and then walk over to them. Once you arrive at the site, you’ll need to use your terrain manipulator to dig down, and you’ll eventually find the item buried there.

This could range from ancient fossils to technology that you can use in your ship, Exosuit, or Multi-Tool.

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