How to Beat Hesperos in Asphodelos: The Four Circle in Final Fantasy XIV

Hesperos is the final boss in Final Fantasy XIV’s Pandæmonium raid series, and he’s a difficult boss you’ll have to fight with a small group of players.

You’ll want to return to this boss every week to get the exclusive gear you’ll get at the end of the fight, but defeating them is a different story.

This guide will show you how to defeat Hesperos in Final Fantasy XIV’s Asphodelos: The Four Circle, as well as all of their attacks.

How to Beat Hesperos in Asphodelos: The Four Circle in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s worth noting that this arena is surrounded by spikes that, if hit, will instantly kill your character. While you may want to stand near the map’s edges, try to stay away from these spikes as much as possible, especially if you’re attacked from the outside.

Elegant Evisceration is Hesperos’ first attack in the battle. It will be an attack directed at the party’s tank, and a red arrow will appear above their head to indicate who is being attacked.

The primary tank should prepare for the attack, and the healer should be ready to heal the tanks if they become ill. Hesperos will use this focused attack in between other moves throughout the fight.

Setting the Scene is the next attack you can expect. Hesperos uses his cape to cover one corner of the arena, indicating that he will be launching one of four different types of attacks there. When you first see the move, his cape covers the corner, but once the attack has fully charged, the cloak is pulled back, revealing a different floor.

These are the four types of attacks that could be lurking beneath the cape, as well as how to best respond to them, based on what they do. After Hesperos has used Setting the Scene, they will use Pinax to create an attack in the center of the room with the name of the upcoming attack.

  • Acid Mekhane: As much as possible, keep your distance from other players. You’ll notice a warning that you’re about to be hit by the attack, and stacking attacks causes more damage.
  • Lava Mekhanewill: Prepare to share the damage with the rest of the group. A stacking marker will appear above a player, forcing everyone to stack up and prepare to share the damage, reducing the damage even more.
  • Levinstrike Mekhane: Get as far away from the center of the room as possible and flee the attack. You want to find a way around one of the corners and stay away from it.
  • Well Mekhane: Prepare to be launched out the outside walls by making your way to the center of the room. You’ll want to stay away from the spikes on the map’s outer layer.

Hesperos will use four primary attacks, which will be stacked on top of one another. Hesperos, for example, will place multiple capes on the corners of the arena later in the engagement, forcing you to deal with multiple attacks back-to-back.

You’ll need to pay attention to the Pinax’s movements, keep an eye on which floor is activated, and prepare your party accordingly.

Other moves, such as Hell Skewer, can be expected from Hesperos throughout the fight. Hesperos fires a wave attack from his sword in a single-line AoE move that is relatively easy to dodge.

Bloodrake is an AoE attack that affects everyone in the party. There is no way to avoid this damage, but all party members can use their damage mitigation defense moves, and healers should prepare everyone for the attack. The most damage will be dealt with by those who have multiple stacks of vulnerability.

Belone Coils is a more engaged move by Hesperos that you’ll have to work hard to avoid. When this move is used, three circles appear on the ground with the Tank, Healer, and DPS symbols above them. You’ll want to go to the circles where your character’s job isn’t listed. Move to the Healer or Tank symbols if you’re a DPS.

Go to the DPS or Healer circles if you’re a Tank. Go to the DPS or Tank symbols if you’re a Healer. If you visit these circles but are not of the indicated class, you will not be hurt. You take damage if your character’s Job matches the symbol.

In the illustration below, our character moves to the incorrect symbol because they are a Samurai, a DPS job, and they move to the DPS circle, dying instantly.

Hesperos will use Belone Bursts, which is a similar attack to Belone Coils. Instead of Hesperos being surrounded by cycles with symbols above them, energy attacks will be directed at your character and will move across the room.

You’ll be hurt if they make contact with you. As a result, you should rush to the energy attacks aimed at non-symbolized members of your party. There will be four DPS symbols, two Healer symbols, and two Tank symbols, giving everyone an energy ball to slam into, avoiding damage if your character’s Job does not match the symbol.

Another attack you should be aware of is Westerly Shift. It’s an attack in which Hesperos will teleport to the map’s westernmost point and prepare to perform a massive cone move that will almost fill the entire room. To avoid being hit, move to either side of the attack.

Southerly Shift is another move that is similar to Westerly Shift. Southerly Shift, like Westerly Shift, is an attack in which Hesperos teleports to the southern part of the map and performs a push, sending all players in the arena flying.

At this point, you should be facing Hesperos and standing just outside of it to be pushed north and avoid the spikes. Easterly Shift and Northerly Shift are similar to Southerly Shift, except they occur from the arena’s east and north points, respectively.

Throughout the encounter, Hesperos will rotate through all of these attacks. Setting the Scene, East, West, North, and South Shifts, Bloodrake, and Belone attacks will be used in tandem as the fight progresses, particularly during the Setting the Scene moves and while the elements are occurring.

You’ll get a chance to earn a piece of armor for the week after you finish the encounter. Every Tuesday, the system is reset.

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can beat Hesperos in Asphodelos: The Four Circle in Final Fantasy XIV. We hope this guide helped you. If you have any queries or doubts, reach out using the comments section.

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