Halo Infinite: How to Unlock The Cat Ears Helmet

The Cat Lovers set includes the new Purrfect Audio attachment, which can be obtained in Halo Infinite. This set contains cosmetic items that allow players to customize their characters in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Each week, in addition to cosmetics in the Battle Pass, there are purchasable bundles. The available cosmetics are updated every Tuesday, so it’s unclear how long the Cat Lover set will be available, but it could be gone by the next time the page is refreshed.


The Battle Pass for Halo Infinite, which costs 1,000 credits or 2,800 credits for the bundle, includes the majority of the unlockable cosmetics. The Battle Pass, as well as enough experience tokens for the first 25 levels, are included in the bundle.

Players will unlock a variety of new cosmetics to use as they rank up by playing and winning online matches. However, some unlockable cosmetics, such as the new Cat Lovers bundle, must be purchased separately.

Halo Infinite: How to Unlock The Cat Ears Helmet

Players must go to the multiplayer store to see what armor sets are available before purchasing one. Because the page refreshes every Tuesday, it’s possible that the Cat Lovers bundle will only be available in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer store for a limited time.

1,000 credits are required to purchase the new cat-themed items. For $9.99 (or $8.99 with GamePass), players can get 1,000 credits and buy the Cat Lovers set.

Using The Purrfect Audio Helmet Attachment In Halo Infinite

The Purrfect Audio helmet attachment, which adds cat ears to the Mark VII armor core, is the best item in the set. In Halo Infinite, the Cat Lovers bundle includes three additional cosmetics in addition to the Purrfect Audio attachment.

The Faded Blush Armor Coating, which alters the color of the Mark VII armor core, is the first. The Purrfect Audio attachment looks great with the pink and grey Faded Blush coating. In the Cat Lovers Bundle, players will also receive two-weapon charms.

Tabby and Kat are the two new charms in Halo Infinite’s Cat Lovers Bundle. Kat is a charm of Kat’s helmet from previous Halo games, and Tabby is a triangular charm with an orange tabby cat on it.

Both of these charms, as well as the Purrfect Audio attachment and the Halo Infinite Faded Blush Armor Coating, can be used to complete the Cat Lovers bundle.

After purchasing the Cat Lovers bundle for 1,000 credits in Halo Infinite, players can change their appearance and use their new cosmetics by going to the ‘Customize’ tab.

The cat ears are affected by the armor coatings used by players, but they can only be used with the Mark VII armor core. In Halo Infinite, players can purchase this new bundle and attach the Purrfect Audio cat ears attachment to their helmets to show their love for cats.

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