GTA Online: How to Pick Up and Throw Snowballs in the Game

Grand Theft Auto Online players will be able to experience snow in Los Santos for the final seven days of December. For a limited time, players can now throw snowballs at other players. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to pick up and throw a snowball in Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA Online: How to Pick Up and Throw Snowballs in the Game

How to Pick Up and Throw a Snowball in GTA Online?

Snow has finally arrived in Grand Theft Auto Online to commemorate the holiday spirit in Los Santos. Players will still be able to complete all of the same missions and earn the same rewards, with the addition of snow.

This scenery will not last indefinitely because it is only available for a limited time. You can learn how to pick and throw a snowball in this guide, so you can have snowball fights with your friends.

You must first ensure that you are playing in online mode before you can begin throwing snowballs. To hold a snowball, you must also be unarmed.

To pick up the snowball on the PC, go to the snow patch and press the G key. Take a shot at whoever you’d like with the snowball.

To pick up snowballs on PlayStation, press the Left D-Pad button. It’s the opposite on Xbox; press right on the D-Pad.

Aside from throwing snowballs, you can get exclusive items during this time, such as a Baseball Bat Tee, a Baller ST car, and even different liveries for vehicles like the Banshee – all for free.

Even VIP Contracts and Preps can give you 1.5x more cash and RP bonuses, while In and Out and Stockpile Jobs can give you almost 2x bonuses.

You can also get fantastic discounts on clothing and automobiles, with some items being discounted by up to 40%. If you’re short on cash in the game, you can take advantage of all the great deals that are available until December 29th.

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