GTA 5 Online: How to Register as a VIP

In GTA 5 Online, registering as a VIP grants you many of the same benefits as registering as a CEO, but at a fraction of the cost. These advantages include the ability to hire bodyguards, bribe officials, purchase otherwise unattainable properties, and much more.

Despite a long list of enticing benefits, becoming a VIP is actually quite simple. We’ll walk you through it in this guide.

How to Register as a VIP in GTA 5 Online?

In GTA 5 Online, becoming a VIP is much less expensive than becoming a CEO. Unlike becoming a CEO, this process does not necessitate the ownership of a multimillion-dollar office. Instead, having at least $50,000 in your bank account is all that is required. It’s not even necessary to spend it!

When you become a CEO, you keep your job for the rest of your life. VIP status is only valid for four hours, after which you must re-register. It’s a quick process, so doing it on a regular basis isn’t too bad.

Open your interaction menu and scroll to “SecuroServ” once you have $50,000. You can register as a VIP and name your organization from this menu.

After that, you’ll see “SecuroServ VIP” as a new option in your interaction menu. You can make VIP requests here, such as requests for luxury vehicles or bodyguards.

If you want to become a CEO, all you have to do is purchase an executive office on your in-game mobile device from the Dynasty 8 Executive website.

It will cost a million dollars, or more if you choose a more expensive office, but it will allow you to register as a CEO on a permanent basis. Not only will you be able to avoid having to re-register all the time, but you’ll also be able to take on Contract jobs.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to becoming a VIP in GTA 5 Online. It’s a straightforward procedure with a significant payoff, and it’s well worth repeating every four hours until you can afford the CEO position. Check out our other GTA Online guides if you’re interested in learning more about the countless things to do in GTA 5 Online!

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