Genshin Impact: How To Unlock The Hidden Palace Of Zhou Formula

Genshin Impact is chock-full of quests and challenges that players can complete to get a taste of adventure. The various Abyssal Domains that serve as dungeons can present players with some of the most difficult challenges. The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula is one of the Abyssal Domains available in Genshin Impact. It’s on top of Wuwang Hill in Liyue’s nation, and it rewards players with valuable artifacts when they complete it.

The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula In Genshin Impact

Completing the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula is no easy task. To take on the challenge, players must have a minimum adventure rank of 30. This Abyssal Domain’s recommended party level is 59, with an additional recommendation for a party member who uses the cryo element.

The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula is a domain brimming with different Electro, Hydro, and Pyro opponents. With the exception of Levels II and IV, which use Pyro opponents, players should be aware that Electro is the most dominant element in all levels. As a result, players are advised to use a combination of Pyro, Anemo, and Cryo. On the other hand, some players may benefit from avoiding Electro users in Levels I and III (as well as Pyro users in Levels II and IV).

If players complete the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain at the 4- or 5-star level, they will receive pieces for the Crimson Witch of Flames and Lavawalker artifact sets.

Pyro damage output is increased by the Crimson Witch of Flames, while Pyro resistance is increased by the Lavawalker set. This makes the sets ideal for Genshin Impact players who want to create a powerful Pyro user.

Solving the Abyssal Domain’s Entrance Puzzle

The first step for players is to travel to the Abyssal Domain, which is located on Wuwang Hill in Liyue. The domain will be sealed at first, and players will not be able to enter.

Players should be aware of the Electro Cicin that spawn near the domain’s entrance, as they are located in a wetland area; players who aren’t prepared for combat may find themselves in need of the heal before entering the domain.

To solve the puzzle that unlocks the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula, players will need one Pyro and one Geo party member. Amber and her fire arrows will come in handy in this situation.

Throughout Wuwang Hill, there are numerous torches that must be lit using pyrotechnics of some sort. Amber or any pyro element party member obtained through the gacha system can accomplish this.

There are four torches in total, including the ones near the sealed geo shrine. Spirits will also assist players in locating the next unlit torch.

The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula’s Four Torches

  1. The first torch is right next to the shrine that is sealed.
  2. The second torch can be found inside a nearby barrier, next to a protruding rock. Players must climb up the rock, then jump off to glide past the barrier and into the stream to light the torch. After that, players can light the torch, which will remove the barrier.
  3. The third torch is hidden inside an enemy encampment on the cliffs south of the sealed shrine. Players can safely light the torch after dealing with them and opening the chest they are guarding.
  4. Following the blue spirit after lighting the encampment torch will lead you to the final torch. It can be lit up close by a Pyro melee character or shot across a long distance with one of Genshin Impact’s Amber’s arrows.

After all of the torches have been lit, the final step is to use a Genshin Impact Geo character’s Geo skill on the now-unsealed shrine, which will reveal the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.


Inazuma, the newest region in Genshin Impact, continues to gain steam as more islands, domains, and characters are added.

The island kingdom has recently diversified the way combat is done in Genshin Impact by adding new playstyles such as Arataki Itto’s berserker-style combat, Gorou’s mobile support zones for Geo characters, and a general increase in energy recharge abilities.

However, in addition to character enhancements, an increase in the number of domains in Inazuma has altered the artifact system’s potential, with domains like Slumbering Court now offering new artifacts as of version 2.3.

However, because the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula remains one of Genshin Impact’s most popular domains, this article will be updated to include more information on the domain.

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