FFXIV Endwalker Unable to Obtain Character Data: What Does It Mean?

Every single FFXIV player has encountered a message informing them that the game is unable to obtain character data, and it’s given us all pause at some point. Fortunately, even with the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, this error is minor.

FFXIV: What is the Unable to Obtain Character Data Error?

The “Unable to obtain character data” error, unlike the 2002 error, which can make it difficult to log in when the servers are overburdened, has no effect on your game. It also has no bearing on your ability to choose a character and log in.

The game may inform players that it is unable to obtain character data when:

  1. Players have an unstable internet connection.
  2. Servers are overcrowded.

They log in, click to begin, and when they get to the character selection screen, they get the unable to obtain character data error, but they can still play the game.

This error only affects the character selection screen and the game’s ability to load your characters’ data from the servers at that time. Even if the game says it is unable to obtain character data, you can still choose a character and log in.

In contrast to the more vexing “Unable to Perform Version Check” error, there’s no reason to be concerned.

It can be aggravating to run into this, but for some players, it happens so frequently that they don’t even notice (myself being one of them). Simply click through and ignore the error message about being unable to obtain character data.

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