Every Heirloom melee weapon skin in Apex Legends

Heirloom melee weapon skins are one of the most coveted cosmetic item types in Apex Legends. Heirlooms, while they don’t add any damage, give a Legend a unique melee weapon and a set of new action animations when you play them with no weapon in hand, or if you use their melee attack.

While not every Legend has an heirloom yet, all of the original eight Legends do. Missing at the time of this writing are Heirlooms for Horizon, Fuse, Seer, Ash, Mad Maggie, and Newcastle. It is expected that the aforementioned Legends will get theirs eventually from future Collection Events that will happen going forward.

How to unlock Heirloom melee weapons in Apex Legends

While historically there have been other ways to earn them, Heirlooms can currently be earned in two ways. You can unlock them directly when they are first released by buying out all 24 items in a Collection Event, or after their event has ended, you can unlock them with Heirloom Shards from the Mythic section of the Store. The store holds all past-released heirlooms in the game.

Below is every Heirloom Melee Weapon skin currently in Apex Legends.

Biwon Blade (Crypto Heirloom)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Boxing Gloves (Pathfinder Heirloom)

Boxing Gloves
Screenshot via Gamepur

Butterfly Knife (Octane Heirloom)

Butterfly Knife
Screenshot via Gamepur

Cold Steel (Bangalore Heirloom)

Cold Steel
Screenshot via Gamepur

Dead Man’s Curve (Revenant Heirloom)

Dead Man's Curve heirloom
Image via Respawn

Death Hammer (Caustic Heirloom)

Death Hammer
Screenshot via Gamepur

Energy Reader (Wattson Heirloom)

Energy Reader
Image via Respawn

Garra de Alanza (Loba Heirloom)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Kunai (Wraith Heirloom)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Problem Solver (Rampart Heirloom)

Problem Solver
Image via Respawn

Raven’s Edge (Bloodhound Heirloom)

Raven's Bite
Screenshot via Gamepur

Shock Sticks (Lifeline Heirloom)

Shock Sticks
Screenshot by Gamepur

Suzaku (Valkyrie Heirloom)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Too Much Witt (Mirage Heirloom)

Too Much Witt
Screenshot via Gamepur

War Club (Gibraltar Heirloom)

War Club
Screenshot via Gamepur

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