Escape From Tarkov: How to Get Metal Spare Parts

There has been a massive increase in new players joining Escape from Tarkov over the last few years. Additionally, new content updates have kept the experience fresh and always kept players looking for more from their enjoyable game play.

With the latest patch for Escape from Tarkov, new items have been added, but players are having difficulty finding them. Obtaining Metal Spare Parts in Escape from Tarkov is made simple with this guide.

What are Metal Spare Parts in Escape From Tarkov?

Metal spare parts, as the name implies, are a type of item that takes the form of spare metal scraps. As a result, this resource can be used to build a hideout and craft specific items that will give you a greater advantage on the battlefield than usual.

This resource will be very useful for you to collect for crafting, whether you’re hoping for a console release or taking to the field with your trusty PC.

The following items, which can be crafted, are an example of what Metal Spare Parts can be used for:

  • Grenade Case
  • FP-100 Filter Absorber
  • Lucky Scav Junk Box

2 Metal Fuel Tanks, Metal Cutting Scissors, 5 bolts, 5 Screw Nuts, and two Metal Spare Parts can be used to make the grenade case. The Grenade Case has 64 inventory slots in an 8×8 grid, allowing your character to save inventory space for other items by storing various grenade equipment inside.

Furthermore, if you have two Magazine Cases, Metal Cutting Scissors, 6 bolts, 3 Metal Spare Parts, and 3 KEKTAPE Duct Tape, you can make the Lucky Scav Junk Box. This item is yet another container that will give you an additional 196 inventory slots and can be used to store anything that is a ‘barter item.’

You must have certain parts of the Hideouts unlocked in order to craft all of the items that can be crafted with Metal Spare Parts.

How to Get Metal Spare Parts in Escape from Tarkov?

The process of locating metal spare parts and preparing inventory space is a journey in and of itself. To begin with, players have spotted the parts for pickup in a variety of locations, despite their difficulty in finding them.

One place to look for them is on the ‘Lighthouse’ map, where they are mostly found as loose parts on the beach or on top of boxes scattered throughout the map.

Additionally, they can be found in ‘Interchange’ on things like shelves and on top of boxes, waiting for you to pick them up. Scav Runs have also proven to be beneficial in terms of obtaining Metal Spare Parts, with some players letting others know that they spawned with them inside their backup on a Scav Run.

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