Dysmantle Metal Guide: How to Get Iron, Steel, and Titanium

Metals are among the most important crafting materials in Dysmantle, and they are one of the most important crafting materials in the game. Metal comes in three different forms: iron, steel, and titanium, and is used for both creating and leveling items of all kinds. We’ll show you how to get all three in this Dysmantle guide. We’ve also included coordinates to make it easier for you to find these resources.

How to Get Metal in Dysmantle

Here’s how to get metal in Dysmantle:

How to Get Iron?

The most common method for obtaining steel and titanium is to first gather iron. In Dysmantle, there are several ways to find iron, but dismantling is the most efficient.

The majority of what you can find around the world can be dismantled in order to obtain resources such as metal. This applies to not only iron, but also stronger metals and other materials such as plant matter and wood.

Smaller metal objects, such as lockers, sinks, hydrants, appliances, signs, and other items of similar size, are the most common sources of iron.

These items typically drop one to two iron, though larger items such as basketball hoops, mall signs, tent frames, and metal gates can drop four or more. The sawmill is the most valuable item to dismantle for iron, dropping 30.

You can get iron from enemy drops as well as dismantling pieces of metal:

  • Ex-Human Leaper: 50% chance
  • Ex-Human Puker: 50% chance
  • Ex-Human Stalker: 50% chance
  • Tomb Guard: 75% chance
  • Machine Gun Turret: Two iron
  • Rocket Launcher Turret: Two iron

It can also be found as loot buried in treasures or timed crates all over the world, so keep an eye out as you play.

If you’ve accumulated a lot of scrap metal during your playthrough and aren’t sure what to do with it, it can be thrown into a smelter to be refined into iron. Smelters are only found in a few places around the world, and they all require the use of a gas mask to enter:

  • 878º, 595º
  • 625º, 448º
  • 469º, 122º
  • 252º, 823º

After 25 seconds, throwing 12 scrap metal pieces into the smelter will yield one iron ingot. Plant matter (five seconds of fuel each), scrap wood (15 seconds of fuel each), or wood can all be used to fuel it for 25 seconds (provides 40 seconds of fuel each).

How to Get Steel and Titanium?

Steel and titanium can be obtained by refining metal in a smelter in the same way as previously mentioned. After 50 seconds, refining eight iron ingots yields one steel ingot, while refining four steel ingots for one minute and 15 seconds yields one titanium rod. While this is the most common method of obtaining steel and titanium, it is not the only method.

Steel, like iron, can be dropped by enemies, but it is much rarer. The Tomb Guard is the only enemy that can drop steel, and it has a 25% chance of doing so. It, like iron, can be found buried in treasures and timed crates all over the world.

Dismantling certain metal objects is also a good way to get steel, though larger objects will require more dismantling. Between one and three steel will fall from garage doors, large poles or pipes, cars, or cargo containers. You’ll need to target massive objects like buses, train cars, turbines, cranes, or towers to get more than three steel at once.

Only one item, the smelter, can be dismantled to obtain titanium. You will receive one titanium if you do so. However, this isn’t worth it because the smelter itself can refine a lot more titanium. Instead, concentrate on refining and looting titanium. This metal is not available from enemy drops.

The following is a list of known loot locations where titanium can be found:

  • 1 at 545º, 186º
  • 1 at 463º, 96º
  • 1 at 943º, 349º
  • 1 at 1286º, 685º
  • 1 buried in treasure at 390º, 375º
  • 1 buried in treasure at 570º, 714º
  • 1 buried in treasure at 364º, 727º
  • 1 buried in treasure at 612º, 594º
  • 1 buried in treasure at 167,115º
  • 2 buried in treasure at 972º, 367º
  • 2 buried in treasure at 1027º, 453º
  • 2 buried in treasure at 1013º, 399º
  • 3 buried in treasure at 992º, 426º
  • 5 buried in treasure at 933º, 404º
  • 1 in a timed crate at 949º, 631º
  • 1 in a timed crate at 1055º, 890º
  • 2 in a timed crate at 183º, 418º
  • 3 in a timed crate at 888º, 386º
  • 3 in a timed crate at 1633º, 562º

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting metal in Dysmantle, such as steel, iron, and titanium. There are a plethora of craftable items and quests that require these resources, so start gathering them as soon as possible.

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