Top 5 Best Water Type Pokémon

For those who enjoy competitive gaming, Pokémon has an ever-expanding roster of creatures against which you can compete for bragging rights (or, in the case of tournaments, for some serious money). However, if you want to be the best, you must understand the advantages of putting together teams of pokemon whose stats and abilities complement each other and complement each other. It goes without saying that water type Pokémon are among the most important for dominating the game. They are known for some truly iconic moves and game staples such as rain teams. This is a list of the Top 5 Best Water Type Pokémon from all of the games in the franchise.

Following the same format as last week’s list of the best Grass-type Pokémon, this list will examine the best Water-type Pokémon, with the exception of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, while emphasizing their standout base stats and abilities. Allow us to examine the various Pokémon variations across multiple generations and at their peak performance, so let’s get to it!

Top 5 Best Water Type Pokémon

1. Greninja

Whether you like it or not, this is what peak performance in Water-Type Pokémon looks like. Since their introduction in Generation 6, Greninja has carved a distinct niche for themselves as the best Water-Type starter and one of the greatest Pokémon of all time.

Their popularity has carried over into other Pokémon games as well, including the upcoming Pokémon Go! Due to the Protean ability, which changes Greninja’s type to that of the move they are about to use, the Water Dark-typing is quickly rendered moot.

This allows them to receive a Same-Type Attack Bonus on up to four different attacks, in addition to having fantastic base Special Attack and dangerous Speed.

Alternatively, if you’re a purist who believes that this list is only intended for Water-Types, there’s always Battle Bond, an ability introduced later that allows Greninja to boost their Attack, Special attack, and Speed while also empowering Water Shuriken, their unique move. The inclusion of this Pokémon will be filthy on a scale ranging from clean and fair to dirty and ruthless, depending on how you evaluate your teams.

2. Swampert

Swampert was treated unfairly by Generation 8. However, while the Pokémon had a reasonable spread of stats, including a strong base Attack and all-around bulk supported by Water Ground-typing, the inclusion of Dynamax mechanics replaced Mega Evolution, transforming this Pokémon into something completely out of control.

Mega Swampert vaulted into the OU tier once more, this time due to the typing, which eliminated Electric-type threats while also granting it Swift Swim as an ability, allowing it to participate in rain team shenanigans, and finally some utterly insane base stats, the most impressive of which being a staggering Base 150 Attack.

Mega Swampert became a dominant force in the scene as a result of this, which was complemented by an excellent movepool. They deserve to be recognized once more.

3. Gyarados

Veteran Pokémon players will be pleased to see that another Generation 1 entry has been included on this list. In every game, Gyarados has always been both cool and dangerous in equal measure, and finding them in any game is a special treat.

In spite of the fact that Gyarados’ Water Flying typing makes him vulnerable to Electric-type moves that are fairly common, this beast benefits from two major components: Dragon Dance, which increases Attack and Speed, and Moxie, which increases Attack even further when they defeat another Pokémon.

When you combine this with excellent Attack stats and enough natural bulk to survive in a pinch, you’ve got yourself a sweeper who’s ready to go. Do you want to scare your opponents even more?

If you’re playing older generations, Mega Gyarados’ insane attack and increased bulk will more than suffice, as will changing this to a Water Dragon-type Pokémon, which will result in the superior dragonfish being created.

4. Dracovish

What is Dracovish supposed to look like in the first place? Despite the fact that it appears to be a Water Dragon, it is a far cry from a dragonfish at first glance, although it would be amusing if this was the tattoo that Kasuga from the Yakuza had on his back.

In terms of offensive output, it makes up for its lack of intimidating design with a combination of Strong Jaw, an ability that increases the effectiveness of bite moves such as Crunch, and Fishious Rend, a specialty attack that increases the effectiveness of bite moves like Crunch.

Combining this with a Choice Band will further empower this monster, allowing it to crush the opposition.

5. Slowbro

In addition to the mainline games, Slowbro can be found in a variety of other games, bringing joy to veteran players while causing rage in those who are pitted against it. This Pokémon possesses incredible defensive strength across the board, including HP, Defense, and Special Defense.

They are even more of a tank due to the fact that they have a moveset that includes Teleport, which has low priority, meaning they are almost certain to be hit first and take the damage before switching to their Regenerator ability, which restores a third of their base HP.

If you want them to be immortal, consider having them hold leftovers, and when you want to strike back or dig your heels in even deeper, moves like Scald and Calm are excellent choices. Slowbro’s mind allows him to take on a wide range of formidable opponents, whether in Singles or Doubles.

Well, that’s all we think are the top 5 best water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Go. We hope this guide helped you.


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