All Wirebug Moves and How they Work in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Wirebug is a new tool to add to your hunting arsenal. It’ll be useful not only for traversing the environment, but also for assisting you in taking down worthy prey all over Kamura Village.

It’ll come in handy a lot as you progress through Monster Hunter Rise, so mastering it is essential. These are all of the Wirebug moves in Monster Hunter Rise and how they work. Here’s everything you need to know about wirebug moves.

All Wirebug Moves and How they Work in Monster Hunter Rise

It’s important to remember that you must have a Wirebug charge in order to use your Wirebug. If you don’t have any Wirebug charges, you won’t be able to attack or move. These charges recover relatively quickly over time, so you won’t be stranded on the side of a mountain. To use it, press the ZL button on your Nintendo Switch or the RT button on your PC.

When you want to use your Wirebug in conjunction with a weapon attack, press the ZL or RL button first, then hit your attack. Depending on whether the weapon is sheathed or drawn, the attack you make will change.

Sheathed Weapon Wirebug Abilities

When your weapon is drawn and you want to do the Wirebug dash forward, press ZL or RL and the A or B button at the same time.

A vertical dash can be performed by pressing ZL or RL and the X or Y button at the same time if you want to go at a more vertical angle. Both of these moves make maneuvering around a foe or gaining an aerial advantage against them easier.

You can fire a Wirebug in the direction your reticule is pointed by pressing ZL or LT and the ZR or RT button at the same time.

You can fire a Wirebug to keep you in the air by pressing A or B while in the air, allowing your hunter to halt and hang off a floating Wirebug. Then, while hanging in the air, use your left stick and the B or A buttons to move in a specific direction to reposition yourself.

While you have multiple Wirebug charges, you can use these movement abilities back to back with your Wirebug.

When you fall to the ground while fighting a monster, press ZL or LT and the B or A button to pick yourself up. This helps you avoid being run over by a monster during an encounter and reclaim any lost ground.

When facing a wall, you can use the Wirebug to perform a wall run. When your hunter reaches the wall, press ZL or LT and the X or A button, and then use the A or B button to run the rest of the way up. Running against a wall depletes your stamina, and if you don’t have enough, you’ll fall. A wall run can be used both outside and in combat, and your hunter can use specific weapon attacks while wall running.

Drawn Weapon Wirebug Abilities

You can still use your Wirebug abilities and perform attacks while your weapon is drawn to make them even more lethal. Silkbind attacks, for example, are made possible by combining your weapon and your Wirebug.

Make sure your weapon is drawn before using a silk bite attack. Then, depending on the type of melee weapon you have and the movesets it has, hit ZL or LT and the X or A buttons for Switch, or the Y or B buttons for PC, while using a melee weapon.

Holding the R or RB and pressing the X or A for Switch, or the Y or B for PC buttons, depending on your weapon’s moveset, will initiate a silk bite attack.

Well, that’s all we have here about all wirebug Moves and wow they work in Monster Hunter Rise. We hope this guide helped you.

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