All Cozy & Safe Factory Sunken Scroll locations in Splatoon 3

Finding all the Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon 3 lets you do a deep dive into the lore and history of the Splatoon world. Just because these items are found in the Alterna overworld doesn’t mean that they are any easier to find. Chances are you’ll stumble across a few as you clear out the Fuzzy Ooze that has taken over the map but to find all of them you’ll have to put some time into the single-player campaign. If you’re trying to find the few Sunken Scrolls in the Cozy & Safe Factory level in Splatoon 3, here is everything you need to know.

How to find all Sunken Scrolls in Cozy & Safe Factory in Splatoon 3

Serving as the second hub level of Splatoon 3’s story mode, Cozy & Safe Factory offers a stiffer challenge than the previous island did. There are only three Sunken Scrolls in this level, with areas spread across vertical platforms. You’ll want to focus on clearing out as much of the Fuzzy Ooze on the island as you can before you tackle some of these challenges.

Sunken Scroll 5

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The first Sunken Scroll you can collect should be your fifth overall, assuming you collected all four in Future Utopia Island. Head to the northwest side of the island, clearing out as much of the Fuzzy Ooze as you can. You can get this Sunken Scroll almost immediately upon landing in Cozy & Safe Factory. You’ll find a crate inside an orange storage unit in the area marked on the map above. Shoot it and be rewarded with a Sunken Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 6

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The next Sunken Scroll of Cozy & Safe Factory is on the northern edge of the island. Clear out the infestation of Fuzzy Ooze behind some of the storage containers and you’ll see a beacon buried in the ground. Shoot it and the Sunken Scroll will pop out for you.

Sunken Scroll 7

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The final Sunken Scroll in Cozy & Safe Factory is a Green Balloon challenge. You’ll want to leave this one for last as it will require you to run around almost the whole area in a short amount of time. Clear out all the Fuzzy Ooze from the island and it should be a pretty simple challenge. Still, it is good practice for some of the challenges you’ll face when you reach Cryogenic Hopetown a bit later on. Just chase the balloons down as they appear and shoot them before they float away, following the arrows to the next one in the sequence.

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