About Us

Gamedure was created in 2021 by the Lightning Labz, who also created Make Tech Quick and Trending Buzz. Our team has over 10 years of experience in gaming and software development. The news and information on Gamedure is written by gamers, curated by a team of seasoned editors, and guided by the belief that games and gaming are a positive experience for everyone.

We take a Native Journalism approach, which means that the writing is created by people who are personally involved and engaged in the topic they are covering. Gamedure has a collaborative online publishing system that allows gamers and game journalists to own their content and add their reasoned and rational perspectives to the global conversation. While we believe that gamers are frequently true experts in their fields, we also believe that editor support is essential. This is why a team of dedicated editors edits and approves all of our content.

Our groundbreaking Journalism Training Program guides aspiring journalists through a multi-tiered course that includes on-site information, a brief email course, and a 9-week intensive program.