5 Essential Tips For Successful Hunts In Monster Hunter Rise And Sunbreak

Being successful in Monster Hunter Rise requires paying attention to a tonne of small nuances, many of which will continue over into the huge Sunbreak expansion. When Sunbreak is released, certain fundamental abilities and information will be common to all Monster Hunter game

With the power of your equipment, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is sure to get more challenging. For some of the later fights, especially the Elder Dragons, the advice provided in this guide will be crucial for reliable first-time encounters

Tip 1: Spend Money on Buffs

Whether you’ve played Rise for dozens or even hundreds of hours or are just starting out with Sunbreak, investing in improvements to your damage and defence will pay off in the late game. Hunts are quicker, more reliable, and more durable with the following items:

  • (Mega) Demondrug: Significant damage increase lost only on faint
  • (Mega) Armorskin: Significant defense increase lost only on faint
  • Demon Powder: Three-minute damage boost for you and your teammates
  • Might Seed: Three-minute personal damage boost
  • Armor Powder: Three-minute defense boost for you and your teammates
  • Adamant Seed: Three-minute personal defense boost

All of these items’ effects stack, so using them all significantly boosts your damage output and overall survivability. If you need Godbugs, Honey, or Pale Extract, you should use the Argosy and occasionally go farming.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Afraid of Mistakes When Monster Hunting for the First Time

Early on in Monster Hunter Rise, the monsters you face are quite understanding. Their roars do not throw you back or paralyze you, and while their strikes may knock you to the ground, they do not deal as much damage. The attacks themselves frequently have lengthy animations and a variety of clear tells. However, you will always encounter a barrier, such as a monster that deals far more damage and whose attacks are faster and more unpredictable.

Never be frightened to lose a monster fight or a battle against a wall in the game. Carting back to camp once, twice, or twelve times is annoying, but it’s necessary for learning. Anjanath or Barioth

Tip 3: Collect Spiritbirds Throughout the Game

If you’re in High or Master Rank and taking on a Low-Rank mission, you probably won’t require any pre-fight preparation. Spend some of the 50 minutes given to you exploring the map and collecting the various Spiritbirds if it’s your first time coming across a monster. The bonuses they offer build upon those you already have via seeds, powders, or potion.

  • Green Spiritbird: +5 Health
  • Yellow Spiritbird: +10 Stamina
  • Deep Red Spiritbird: +2 Attack
  • Orange Spiritbird: +5 Defense

Your related stat increases with each Spiritbird bonus you earn until it reaches its maximum level. Your Health and Stamina bars, for instance, cannot be filled past their rightmost limits. Defense and Offense The progress meter takes longer to fill with spiritbird boosts, but you cannot exceed that amount.

Tip 4: Use Whatever Resource You Have Until You Know What to Do

You are well within your rights to utilize every trick and tactic in your toolbox to take down a monster until you master their battle well enough to do so without incurring too much damage. Use traps, status effects, and your favorite weapon exclusively to attack your target. The monsters won’t come after you for it, and you’ll have easier access to their resources and, consequently, their gear.

Tip 5: Use the Right Element Against Each Monster

Every monster has an elemental weakness; Barroth, Diablos, and Nargacuga, for example, are sensitive to Ice and Thunder, respectively. Other monsters are resistant to some things while being weak to others. Your best defense against them is to concentrate your damage on the right element type. After you’ve faced a monster a few times, you’ll learn what it’s vulnerable to.

Well, these are the 5 most essential tips for successful hunts In Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. We hope this guide helped you. If you liked this, make sure to check out How To Get Darth Vader’s Lightsaber In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

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